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  • Brother: Ughhhh I'm so sick
  • Me: Pssh, you'll be fine. Be a man. Eat some meat. Do a push-up. Shotgun a beer. Punch another guy. Shoot some pool. Grow a beard. Drive a truck. Buy a leather jacket. Watch a football game. In-
  • Brother: Okay how long are you planning to list manly things
  • Me:
  • Brother:
  • Me:
  • Brother:
  • Me: ...Interrupt a woman

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I think if I heard that Gotye song one more time I’m going to set myself on fire and roll down the Grand Canyon into a pit of snakes and scorpions.

then you’d be somebody that we used to know

Hate this song

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from RiffTrax Titanic commentary

my mom sat behind him on a plane once. apparently she was fangirling the entire time.

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Tom Felton

MTV Movie Awards 2011


*When MTV News caught up with Felton backstage after his second straight win, he clarified that his downstairs toilet actually is a pretty important location in his home. 

“It’s kind of a prized place in my house, the downstairs toilet,” Felton deadpanned. “Consider it an honor.” (MTV.com)

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